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Credit Card Processing,merchant services

We have good news for all retailers: QMS has 24 hour turnaround for approval on certain customers. We take extra steps to make sure processing credit cards smoothly & seamlessly. In addition, We offer: Most competitive rates, Accurate and reliable services 24/7, Technical advanced fraud prevention Reduced charge backs, Immediate answers, Installation, training and technical support, Online live reporting system, anywhere and anytime, 24 hours deposit is available for certain qualified merchants, Easy to reconcile monthly
Mail Order/Telephone Order:

​For merchants involved in wholesale, call center, fulfillment or catalog businesses, we offer a simple application, and approve 99% of businesses. We also assist with charge backs, one of the highest concerns among the Moto community. There are no limitations on size of the business. We take care of our MoTo customers.
Wireless Solutions:

Our wireless is available anywhere and anytime on iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and other wireless terminals, is easy to set up, and has a  reliable network and wider coverage. Our merchants are assured to find the award-winning best wireless solution at QMS.​
E-Commerce Solution:

We offer an e-commerce gateway which is a fast, secure and seamless interface to a merchant's shopping cart on any website. Simple application, easy to set up, and we offer an online purchase customer database, any time and anywhere to keep track of your online transactions. We can offer additional block/filter services for designated country, region or even by the zip code to guarantee the security of your online experience.  Merchants are assured to get the the complete e-commerce package from QMS.
High Risk Solutions:

Our "high risk" merchants portfolio is one the unique solutions at QMS. We treat all our merchants the same, and don't label low or high risk merchants. We take extra care for such merchants; when you are exhausted and rejected by others in finding merchant processing, come to us and let us take a look at your application. We will even onboard secondary offshore bank if it is necessary. We will do everything we can to give you the merchant account you deserve. So if you're having difficultly getting approved send us your application today and save yourself the time and stress of going though big banks.

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