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Good news! Quality Merchant Services is specialized in processing high-risk merchant accounts; we go extra step to review any application, going through the professional underwriting process, finding a right bank to support. Efficiently and timely!

QMS Immediate Solutions:

Short Term loans (no “payday” loans allowed), Adult Websites and Escorts, Travel related/Timeshare, Tech Support, Straight Sale and Continuity (NO TRIAL), Auto SEO/ Software/Warranty, Website Building/IT Services, Student Loan Doc Prep, Credit Repair, Collections, CBD, MMJ and more.

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What Is High Risk Merchants? 

High risk credit card processing is defined as merchant accounts that the bank and processor prefer not to do business with. It can relate to poor credit on the part of themerchant, or it can be attributed to different business segments for which the financial institution does not want to participate in or with.

What Are the Main Prohibited Merchant List Imposed By the Banks and Processors?

  • Airlines

  • All Adult Entertainment, sexually oriented or pornographic merchants, including but not limited to: Adult telephone conversations; Internet sex/porn; Adult pictures & photos; Misc. adult entertainment (not elsewhere classified)

  • Collection Agencies

  • Credit Repair Services

  • Stolen property

  • Internet Tobacco Sales

  • Drug Paraphernalia

  • Escort or Dating Services

  • Gambling Establishments

  • Lottery Sales

  • Massage Parlors (unless licensed for physical therapy)

  • Multi-level Marketing

  • Time Share Sales

  • Bankruptcy Lawyers/Firms

  • Travel Agencies

  • Age Verification Services

  • Adult Videotext Merchants

  • Negative Option Billing

  • Outbound/Inbound Telemarketing

  • Internet Pharmaceutical Sales

  • Long Distance Services

  • Pre-paid legal advice/services

  • Cable box de-scramblers

  • Internet/Mail-Order designer/imitation handbags

  • Internet/Mail-Order watches

  • Male or Female Sexual Enhancement Supplements or Products

  • Pre-Paid Phone Cards

  • Internet Perfume Stores

  • Annual Billing with High Average Tickets

  • Matrix Merchants

  • Downloadable Software

  • Internet as Seen on TV Products

  • Knock off Athletic Shoes

  • Sunglasses

  • Medical Advice

  • Human Growth Hormones

  • Check cashing services

  • Counterfeit items, including but not limited to: Currency; Coins: stamps: Counterfeiting equipment; Trademark infringement items

  • Investment opportunities

High Risk Merchant Industries Typically Are:

  • Answering Services

  • Diet Centers

  • Health Clubs

  • Internet Access Providers

  • Investment Opportunities

  • Liquidators

  • Motivational and Self-improvement Courses

  • Non-Retail Pawn Shops

  • Seminars

  • Tanning Salons

  • Vitamin/Herbal Supplement Sales

  • Water Purification

  • Non-Retail Jewelry

  • Electronics including Laptops and Computers

  • Cellular Phones and Pagers

  • Non-Retail Computer Hardware and/or Software sales.

  • Legal Advice and Kits

  • Auto Accessories/Tire Rims

  • Other not elsewhere classified, etc. 

High risk merchants
MMJ payments
hit risk processsing


Processing credit and debit via QMS secured payment gateway

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"While (only )30 percent of cannabis companies have a bank account, no cannabis company can accept debit or credit cards because companies like Visa and Mastercard will not give the industry merchant accounts until federal law changes. For this reason, an entire cottage industry of armed cash pick-up and delivery companies has emerged in states like California, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington to bring millions in cash to entrepreneur's homes, private vaults, or banks or local federal reserve branches (some banks prefer to bring the cash straight to their federal account) for the ones with bank accounts."

Inc. Magazine Feb. 2016

E-Commerce market place that needing cross border payments with multi currency conversions

Travel Agency and many more.

Please contact us now, one of our high risk merchant processing experts will be readily available for your questions.

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