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Zero Processing Fee

True! for Retail and Restaurants Merchants !
zero fee processisng

Zero Fee Merchant Processing 

Change The Process!

Zero Fee Credit Card Processing is now possible with changes in laws that have been recently passed. Credit card processing for most businesses is an expense that is often overlooked. With credit card companies having the upper hand for many decades, congress has decided to side with business owners to help minimize and cap some of those high credit card processing fees.

Our mission at ReversePAY is to find a payment acceptance solution for you that results in low, if not ZERO FEE PROCESSING. We do this by working with our credit card processor to customize a merchant processing program right for your type of business. Every business is different, so there isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. We take advantage of changing regulations and laws to help pass through those credit card fees to either the customer or by other means.

Stop Paying To Get Paid!

in-store, through a virtual terminal, invoicing, or on mobile without the fees. How Is Zero Fee Credit Card Processing Possible? Since January 27, 2013 a ruling in federal courts has allowed business owners to combat high credit card fees. The Frank-Dodd Act and within the Durbin Amendment states that businesses owners now have the right to pass on credit card fees as a convenience surcharge to the card user or customer. The surcharge is to help offset the interchange fees paid by the business. There is a 4% cap on surcharge fees. We have taken in account the new rule changes to help small businesses decrease the expense of credit card acceptance with our ReversePAY Zero Processing Solutions.

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